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I Watched Krampus Unleashed! (2016)

T’is the season! So why not settle down and watch a Christmas movie? I chose to watch Krampus Unleashed, but is it any good?


In 1898, a German outlaw named Erik Klaus was rumoured to have buried treasure in the Arizona desert. He left behind an ominous warning for anyone seeking his loot.

Years later, the stash was unearthed, and the loot, which is a black stone, resembling coal. When exposed to open flames, it releases the long-trapped Krampus. The rock was dropped on a lantern, releasing the horrors within.

Krampus proceeds to slaughter all the ranchers, minus one, Cooper. Who manages to escape.

Decades later, a family goes to visit their parents in Arizona for Christmas. While panning for gold, the rock is found again by the child character Tommy. The rock got burned accidentally by a delinquent teenager, Troy, with a lit cigarette. This accident releases Krampus, starting their blood-thirsty rampage once again.


I found this movie outstayed its welcome rather quickly. I enjoyed the design of Krampus, but that was about it.
The characters are bland, forgettable, and in some cases, just plain obnoxious. The character Troy, in particular, was just there to be the “tear away” teenager trope, and he was written poorly.

I often found myself just wanting the Krampus character to wipe out the characters; they had no redeeming qualities. It’s a masterclass in bad acting, and not in a “so bad it’s good” way.
The kills in this movie looked overly cheesy, and were abrupt. I looked away briefly and found I missed a kill from a scene, and had to rewind to catch up.

With terrible acting, odd pacing, and jarring editing, this movie is just bad through and through. I wouldn’t even recommend it for a giggle.

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
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