The Sims 4

Breed Out The Weird #9

Chelsey got married!

This update has more going on than the last. Chelsey was given the erratic trait by the randomiser. Which has made this interesting.
I also made progress in continuing the challenge; it might start winding down soon.
Which I’m a little sad about, I’ve grown fond of it, but until then, here is the progress!

Malcon Landgraab is as chaotic as you can imagine. I don’t tend to play as evil sims often, so it’s been a fun change of pace, being a terror to other sims, and racking up as many enemies as possible!
I have placed Malcom in the criminal career path, if you know his character from the sims lore, you know how evil he is.
It felt appropriate to place him there!

I forgot to take a screenshot of Chelsey in her uniform!

Chelsey now works in the medical field. I wanted to play with the content that came with the “Get To Work” expansion, and I have been having fun with this.
Playing as Chelsey made a nice change. She was the first female to lead the challenge since Pricilla.
She’s intelligent with a high logic skill, and is quickly climbing the career ladder.

She has a great relationship with Malcom, which surprised me. He is quite an abrasive sim, quite fond of arguing with other sims.
I haven’t seen him automatically be rude to her; he’s always been romantic with her.
They are my favourite sim pair!

Baby Destiny!

We have the new lead in the challenge!
Chelsey and Malcom had a baby girl of their own. She was given the name Destiny, which I thought was adorable.
She has blonde hair and resembles her dad, Malcom, and doesn’t seem to have inherited many of her maternal family’s features.
Just to be sure I have met the criteria for the challenge; I’ll aim to play through one more generation and see how Destiny’s child turns out.

As of now, it looks as if the challenge is coming to an end.
Check my Instagram page tomorrow. I’ll be uploading updates for Chelsey’s mother and sister for
Screen Shot Saturday!

Check back here in a fortnight to see what could potentially be the end of the challenge!

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback or notice any errors, feel free to contact me!
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