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The Sims 4 : Breed Out The Ugly/Weird #7

Sisters! ♥️

I stopped playing The Sims 4 for a while due to issues, an update caused which caused sims to rapidly age up, and some personal reasons, but now I’m back and will be posting fortnightly updates!

I always find that playing with single child families in The Sims began to be bland over time, so I opted to adopt a child. Chelsey is the one who’ll carry on the challenge anyway, so another biological child just seemed pointless.
Something peculiar began to happen within the family. Jacoby started to dislike his daughter and it seemed that every interaction became volitile.

No matter what I tried, this would always occur.
I’m unsure if this was a glitch due to an update, or if their traits clashed, but it became frustrating rather quickly.

He doesn’t like his daughter?

As you can imagine, these interactions began to constantly leave Chelsey in horrible moods.
The two couldn’t even be in the same room without a negative mood shift.
The screenshot I used above shows Jacoby showing negativity towards her.
If this is a glitch, I hope it’s something that can be patched out soon.

I know that this is a video game, but it was a little too much for me to contend with. It began making me feel uneasy playing with this family.
So I opted to split Jacoby from the household, and move the family elsewhere.
Staying in the same place was starting to become stale anyway.

Jacoby isn’t needed to progress further anyway. He was merely a source of income at this stage, along with his former partner.

The challenge continues with Chelsey! ♥️

Chelsey is now a teenager and has a similar ambition to her father. Her life goal is “Mansion Baron”, my aim with her is to have her work as a fashion influencer and to eventually own a manor that rivals the famous Goth family.
Her adopted sister likes the outdoors and has “Neighbourhood Confidant” has her life goal.
The girls get along well and I’m hoping to keep Krysta around the family for as long as possible.
If the family home has the space.

Chelsey still has the unique nose that her maternal family line started with, so I can see this challenge lasting for at least 3 more generations!

This post has turned out to be shorter than I expected it to be. A good amount of time during these gameplay challenges tend to revolve around waiting for the sims to grow up, and planning around that.

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback or notice any errors, feel free to contact me!
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