Self Care

Is It Self-Care, Or Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

While self-care is an important aspect of human life, there can be instances where we engage in sabotaging behaviour under the guise of self-care.

We all need a break sometimes. It’s not possible to fire on all cylinders 24/7, but is this the right thing to do all the time?

Don’t get me wrong, having a duvet day and watching Netflix is great. Are you doing this to hide away from reality, though?

I am guilty of saying I’m doing something as self-care, when in fact, I’m just trying to avoid situations.

In my case, I struggle with chronic pain and issues with fatigue. I’ll tell myself that I’m “too tired, or “in too much pain” when it comes to my life. This leaves me neglecting different aspects of my life, and it becomes overwhelming.

It’s important to ask yourself if your planned “self-care” is something that you actually need, or are you delaying something.

There’s more to self-care than watching another episode on Netflix, eating that large bar of chocolate, or spending that extra hour in bed.

Sometimes, facing that situation you’ve been avoiding, that task you’ll do “later”, or staying home instead of working late can be self care.

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