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Unsettling Moments In Non-Horror Video Games!

Have you ever been playing a game, that’s not horror, and come across something unsettling?

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few instances I’ve come across!

Heaven’s Gate Cult – Red Dead Redemption 2

The open-worlds of Rockstar Games titles are vast, and full of things for eager explorers to find, so it’s no surprise that creepy sights, like this are scattered around.

I found this while wandering around the games world and found it unsettling. If you know about the Heaven’s Gate cult, you’ll understand why this gave me the chills.

Prank Phone Calls – The Sims

As a kid, I would sneak downstairs, late at night, to play The Sims while everyone else was in bed. Your Sims would often receive prank calls, but some were incredibly ominous. (Pictured above)

To make the moment feel just that extra eerier, after seeing the creepy message, the same ominous music that plays when your home is being burgled would play.

Nothing comes of these calls, but when you’re sat alone, in the dark, it is incredibly unsettling!

Let There Be Light – Rugrats: Search for Reptar

If you haven’t played this game, I can imagine that you’d be confused by this one. Graphically, it’s laughable, but this level was terrifying when I was a child.

Search for Reptar isn’t a difficult game. You play through levels, based on episodes of the show, to find missing puzzle pieces. It’s a bright, fun, colourful affair for the most part.

Let There Be Light was portrayed differently from it’s cartoon counterpart. In the game version, Tommy is alone, the house is dark, and you only have a flashlight to deal with the “shadow monsters”.

Quite unsettling for a children’s game!

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