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Signs A Person Could Be Struggling Mentally!

Fifty percent of mental illness begins by age 14, and three-quarters begin by age 24.

Mental health can often be a silent struggle. People can feel weak and often embarrassed that they are struggling.

In today’s post, I’ll share signs that a person could be struggling with their mental health!
I am not a professional; these signs are from my personal experiences.

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Withdrawal From Social Activities/Situations

Are you seeing less of a person than you usually would? Were they typically active in groups or activities?
Social isolation could be a sign that they are struggling with their mental health.

Mental illness can feel isolating and make you feel like a burden.
Try to check in on your friends often; you never know what a person is going through behind the scenes.

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Seeming Constantly Restless/On Edge

It is no secret that life can often be overwhelming, but if a person constantly seems to be on edge, it’s a good indication that they are struggling.
This behaviour is often a symptom associated with anxiety disorders.

If you notice someone behaving like this, take the time to discuss it with them. You might not be able to fix the issue, but providing a safe space to talk about it can make all the difference.

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Emotional Outbursts

Is someone you know losing their patience rather quickly, and is it out of the norm for them?
Of course, this isn’t always a sign of mental illness, but it can often be overlooked and brushed off.

Maybe things behind the scenes are becoming overwhelming, and it is catching up with them.
As I said earlier, check in with your friends as often as possible.
Listening to someone can make all the difference.

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Lack of Hygiene

This symptom is what I struggled with the worst. It was part of why I got bullied as a teenager. I was constantly greasy and probably didn’t smell good, among other things.
Basic things like hygiene don’t cross your mind when you’re not feeling great mentally. You don’t see the point.

It is easy to see a messy person and assume they are lazy and label them as “gross”, but you need to look beneath the surface and eliminate any pre-conceived beliefs.
Be kind, and ask them how they are doing, it won’t cost you anything, but it could mean the world to them.
Offer help if you can.

Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback or notice any errors, feel free to contact me!

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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