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The Pride Blogger Tag

I noticed that Michelle over on A Geek Girls Guide had shared this tag, and I thought it’d be fun to do myself.

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It’sa me!

Where are you from? What’s your name, age, etc.? Introduce yourself!

I’m Stacey, I’m from Swansea. I’m 30 years old, and I’m currently working on bettering myself. I’ve had this blog since 2017, but only started taking it seriously in 2019.

What are your pronouns?

They/Them. It took me such a long time to come to terms with my gender identity. I always knew I wasn’t cis, but I also wasn’t trans either.

How do you feel about pronouns? Have you preferred different ones in the past?

I feel that they should be respected, it’s just common decency. I didn’t prefer it, but I used to use she/her pronouns until the past year or so. I didn’t know the word for my gender identity, or that I could even go neutral with them.

What’s your sexuality?

I don’t actually know where I fit in with this one. I find men attractive, but I do find women attractive, sometimes.

I’ve dated men, I’ve never dated a woman, but I don’t tend to think about it, I always end up with people I bond with emotionally.

How did you find out about your sexuality?

I think I’ve always known deep down that I don’t fit into the heterosexual box, but I’m also not a lesbian, or bisexual. If that makes sense?

I don’t really think about sexuality all that much, in all honesty. My partner is a cisgender, heterosexual man, but that’s not why I was drawn to him.

What is one memory you have that made you think about possibly not being straight?

The earliest memory I have of wondering if I was bisexual was having a crush on Stacy Keibler. She’s tall, she’s gorgeous and I loved her legs.

More recently, I’ve found myself open to finding women attractive.

What sort of labels do you use to describe yourself?

I refer to myself as non-binary, that’s what I feel more comfortable with, that’s it, really.

Did you out yourself? If so, who did you out yourself, to?

I first told my closest friends, then put it on social media. Before that, I’d changed my pronouns on Facebook as a feeler.

As for sexuality, I’m upfront about that.

What do your parents/family/partner/friends think about the topics?

My closet friends are part of the LGBTQI community, so are naturally supportive. My partner is also supportive of the community.

As for my family, I haven’t asked. I don’t really want to. I don’t always agree with their views, I know they don’t discriminate, I just don’t want to potentially get hurt if they don’t understand my gender identity.

Have you ever been to a Pride event? (i.e. protests, CSD, parties,…)

I’ve been to pride events as an ally, this was before I had come to terms with my own place within the LGBTQI community.

Do you have someone who’s part of the LGBTQIA2+ community that you admire?

Plenty. I’d name them, but I’d be here all day. Two that come to mind are two fantastic people called Carly, and Kali. Two strong women who have dealt with so much, yet carry on.

Is your sexual orientation different from your romantic orientation?

I’ve never thought about this before. I honestly don’t know.

Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback, or if you notice any errors, feel free to contact me!

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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