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Is “People Pleasing” Destroying Your Mental Health?

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While wanting to make people happy is normal, it can leave you drained if you constantly find yourself prioritising other people over yourself.

In this post, I’ll be sharing signs that people pleasing could be damaging your mental health.

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Burn Out From Trying To Impress People

It’s natural to want people to like us, but are we burning the candle at both ends trying to achieve this? If you mind yourself taking on things from other people all the time, you end up burnt out.
Yet you find yourself pushing through; you believe you’ll end up in their good books by doing things for them.

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You Neglect Your Own Needs In Favour Of Others

Are you putting your needs on the backburner in favour of other people? Self-care is vital to maintaining your health overall.
If you’re willingly putting it to the side for other people, you need to take a step back, and assess your priorities.

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You’re Constantly Angry/Frustrated

This is a horrible cycle to be in. You might find yourself doing things for people, becoming angry with them over time for taking advantage of you, and then you find yourself feeling frustrated due to this.

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