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My Favourite Scrubs Episodes

Scrubs is one of my all-time favourite shows. It mixes absurd comedy, and serious moments incredibly well.

In todays post, I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite episodes. So, there will be spoilers ahead.

My Long Goodbye

One of the saddest episodes, but one that spoke to me personally. While I have never been in this situation, I often struggle to accept that loved ones have passed on.

I’ve been grieving the loss of my grandparents for over a decade. My grandfather passed away suddenly in 2009, and my Nan passed in early 2015 after a battle with cancer.

It showed Carla coming to terms with the fact that her friend is gone, and her tearful goodbye is heartwarming. I hope to reach this point with my own grief soon.

My Musical

I am a big fan of musicals, and musical episodes of TV shows are part of that love. Although, they tend to be hit, or miss.

The story of this episode was serious, a patient came in, and in her head, everyone was singing.

The songs were catchy, memorable, and my favourite song performed in the episode is “Guy Love”, it really sums up the friendship of JD and Turk!

My Finale

This episode was the perfect send off for JD, as he set off on his new adventure. He was leaving Sacred Heart to be closer to his son.

He finally got the admiration that he craved from Dr Cox, in the most JD way, much to the chagrin of his reluctant father figure.

Watching all his memories of Sacred Heart as he left the hospital, while the song “Book of Love” played, was tearjerking, but wrapped his story perfectly.

What are your favourite Scrubs episodes?

Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback, or if you notice any errors, feel free to contact me!

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