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My Favourite Bob’s Burgers Episodes!

It’s hard to not love the downtrodden, eccentric Belcher family! From Bob, to Louise, each character has their own quirks, nature and infinite love for each other.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite Bob’s Burgers episodes!

Tina & her boo, Jeff.

Tina and the Real Ghost!

In this Halloween special, the Belchers perform a seance to capture the spirit who allegedly lives in the basement, much to the chagrin of Bob.

Tina inevitably falls in love with the spirit, starts a relationship with him, and ultimately loses him to her arch nemesis, Tammy.

What I like about the episode is how each character comes to a realisation about themselves. It’s wholesome.

Louise’s first crush!

Boyz 4 Now

In this episode, Tina and Louise go to a concert for popular boy band, Boyz 4 Now. Initially, Louise begrudgingly goes along, and after helping Tina into the venue, she realised she has a crush on band member, Boo Boo.

What I like about this episode is Louise coming to terms with her first crush, and her absolute panic after realising she feels this way. At that age, I found boys to be “gross”, like she did, so it was relatable.

The Belcher children in the school cafeteria

Work Hard Or Die Trying, Girl!

During morning announcements at school, Gene learns that the school will be taking ideas for an original production for the schools upcoming play.

Gene excitedly pitches his idea for Die Hard: The Musical, but is thwarted by the disgruntled Courtney, who has her dad produce a musical for Working Girl, in response to Gene refusing to let her play a role in his production.

What I like about this movie is the heartwarming resolution to the chaotic outcome of two plays being performed on the same night, and how they work together to create a combination of both of their work.

Do you have a favourite episode of Bob’s Burgers? And would you watch a Die Hard musical?

Let me know!

Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback, or if you notice any errors, feel free to contact me!

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