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My content has taken a backseat as of late. There have been things in my personal life that I have been trying to get on top of.
I’m still learning as I go regarding managing my time, and life in general, better. I’m making small progress, and that’s okay with me.

Today’s post will be shorter than normal; I just want to sum up where I’ve been, and what I’m planning to do next.

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My Health

Burnout got the better of me, and the week I took away was desperately needed. I adore Life Told By Stacey, and the different aspects of running it, but there is a lot to it.
It isn’t anything that is unmanageable, unless I leave it all last minute, which I did. I’m currently working on getting better at managing my time.

I have also been contending with headaches daily. They are strong enough to knock me out for the day. I’ve spoken to my GP about them. He reckons it’s because I needed new glasses, which makes sense. I’ve had the same glasses since my Keratoconus diagnosis in 2018; I have a new pair now, but I believe it is a sinus infection causing this. It is allergy season, after all. I’ll be getting back in touch with my GP, though, the headaches are unbearable.

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What’s Next?

For now, I’m not planning on changing up my content a great deal, but I do feel that some of the subjects would be better suited for other days, my Sims 4 challenges coming to mind. I’m considering moving them to Saturday.

Of course, no major changes will come until my time management abilities improve; this is something I am working on behind the scenes. My goal is to get content out every day here. I don’t want to run before I can walk, though.

If you enjoy what you see, click me for all things Life Told By Stacey!

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