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Gaming As A Hobby & Writing About Gaming

Playing video games and writing are two of my favourite hobbies. Combining the two is something I enjoy thoroughly.

However, it’s reaching the point where I feel as if I’m playing games just to get content, which is starting to lead to burnout.

I have enjoyed gaming for the majority of my life. I got my first console back in 1995, when I was 4 years old, and I’m still gaming at 30. Turning 31 this summer.

I’ve got into the mindset of “I must take screenshots and take notes” whenever I start up a game.

I publish 4 gaming posts a month for Life Told By Stacey, this isn’t including what I’m going to be doing for Esports Wales. So I’m looking for a way to create other gaming content that doesn’t necessarily focus on reviewing titles.

So far, I have landed on the idea of two reviews a month. One indie game, and possibly a Triple A title, depending on what I’m actually playing. Then other posts being about my favourite levels in games, annoying enemies, Easter eggs, and content along those lines.

Content, such as, my sims challenges won’t be impacted by this. Although, I am debating moving their days outside of my usual gaming post days.

I always tend to feel obligated to rush those, instead of other content I can be working on. Their fortnightly status will return soon, I’m just working out where to fit them into the week.

I have a question for fellow content creators, namely those who create gaming content, how do you avoid burnout when your hobby and your writing cross paths?

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3 thoughts on “Gaming As A Hobby & Writing About Gaming”

  1. Trying to figure that one out. At the moment I’ve settled on a similar approach, varying the game based content up a little to do a new review, retrospective piece then maybe an opinion piece and a gaming product review. Keeps less focus and self imposed pressure on playing for writings sake


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