Update: Where I’ve Been? What’s Next? General Chinwaggery!

I always feel apprehensive when writing update posts such as these. I always fear I’m over sharing, or people don’t care.

It just feels wrong bailing on content without an explanation, though. If these types of posts aren’t for you, that’s fine! I’ll be back with my regular schedule tomorrow.

Where Have I Been?

The combination of my mental health, and the unwanted appearance of my period completely wiped me out.

For me, periods are horribly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t focus on writing. On top of this, my mother recently tested positive for Covid, again.

I took a test, and I’m negative, but it’s triggered a lot of anxiety within me. I’m worried about my mothers health, and me getting it myself. So the blog dropped from my mind.

What’s Coming Next?

My content will resume as normal, starting from tomorrow. I had planned to review “Drag Me To Hell”, but I couldn’t sit through it. So that’s on the back burner for now. I might review it during the Halloween season.

Instead of a movie review, I’ll be talking about music that I’ve been enjoying. It’s a simple post, but that’s what I need right now.

Esports Wales

I’ve been slacking with the organisation, but I’ve resigned, and will be working on content for them again.

I used to talk about Rainbow Six: Siege on the blog, I haven’t for a while, so I think it’s best that I focus on that over there. As well as, Rocket League.

I’ll be sure to share my work for the organisation on my social feeds, as well.

For all things Life Told By Stacey, click me!

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