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I Watched We Need To Talk About Kevin!

We need to talk about Kevin is a psychological thriller, directed by Lyne Ramsay, and based on the 2003 novel of the same name, written by Lionel Shriver.

Content warning: this review might not be suitable to those sensitive to violent subjects.


Eva Khatchadourian, played by Tilda Swindon, lives in a run-down house and works in a travel agency which is near the prison her son Kevin, played by Ezra Miller, is detained in.

Throughout his childhood, Kevin was shown to be detached, his behaviour is difficult and he genuinely seems to loathe his mother. He often behaves antagonistically towards her. However, he behaves like a loving and well behaved son when his father, played by, John. C Riley.

She revisits the events of what led to Kevin’s actions and wonders how much of the blame for what happened falls on her.

My Thoughts

Tilda Swindon portrayed Eva as a struggling mother trying to understand her obviously troubled child convincingly and I genuinely felt sympathy for her plight.

She adored her son, but no matter what she did for him, he always pushed back against her, but around his father, he was a completely different person. It was his father that introduced him to his archery hobby, and that lead to what he did to his fellow pupils at the school.

Kevin’s character is terrifying. Ezra Miller, Rock Duer & Jasper Newell portray him perfectly. The characters portrayed the cold callous nature to Eva convincingly and the change to the loving persona for his father seamlessly. It’s chilling.

I enjoyed how it switched perspectives from the past showing how Kevin behaved as a person, how his mother suffered, to how his mother is coping after the fact, and how society is treating her what Kevin had done.

It’s heartbreaking watching Eva try & pick up the pieces of her life after the loss of her children, husband & in the aftermath of Kevin’s actions.

There’s a scene in the movie where a member of the public punches her in the face, still grieving the loss of their child. Eva is taking the brunt of the fury of the public.

It’s bittersweet seeing Kevin at the end of the movie, although he was evil in what he did, he’s still a troubled child.

It got me wondering if real life events, similar to that of this story, could be prevented if children could be diagnosed with personality disorders at a younger age?

If these behaviours were spotted, maybe there’s a chance that failsafes could be in place.

Overall, this movie was a fantastic watch. The soundtrack was eery and anxiety including for me. The cast choice was exceptional, and something worth a watch, at least once.

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