The Sims 4: Breed Out The Ugly/Weird #4

The cowplant strikes again!

I really need to keep an eye on that cowplant; he takes no prisoners. I did try to plead with the grim reaper, but that fell on deaf ears.
Ashlie is the latest sim to fall victim to that tempting cake trap Montero, the cowplant has set.
So we’re up to two deaths in this challenge!

We’ve moved onto the newest generation of the challenge, at least!

Top: Orson having a boogie while Regina goes to give birth. Bottom: Regina giving birth.

Orson is now a young adult with a partner of his own; her name is Regina. I was feeling a little bored of living in the same household as his parents, so I moved the pair into their own space.
Regina is working in the artist career path, Orson is working in the writer career path.

At the time of this post, they had their first child; his name is Jacoby. He is incredibly cute, and I am waiting to see what traits are generated for him as he grows before deciding what his career path is.

Orson & toddler Jacoby in their new home!

I opted to close the family bakery, it was fun, but hard to maintain while running a challenge such as this one; I had too many sims to take care of. The profits didn’t justify keeping it open, either. Orson and Regina have skills that can make money for them outside their careers, so I’ll stick with that for the time being.

Focusing on the families whims and aspirations are a priority for me right now; I can use those points to benefit the house/hold . I can also earn extra points for Jacoby early on, which will come in handy for when he reaches the young adult stage!

The challenge continues!

As Jacoby grew into a child, I thought I’d completed the challenge, but he had inherited his father’s nose. So by the rules of the challenge, it must go on!
Of course, there is nothing wrong with how he looks, at all, by realistic standards! I wish this challenge had a different name, I’m just a fan of playing with the genetic system in this title.

There is no right or wrong shape regarding the appearance of your nose, if it does its job, you’re set!

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