I Watched: Untitled Horror Movie! (2021)

This post will contain spoilers!

Untitled Horror Movie, released in 2021, is a horror-comedy movie set around 6 co-stars who are anxious about their show being canceled by the network. In response to this, they decided to make their own horror movie. While doing this, they unintentionally summon a demon which reeks havoc and has an affinity for violence.

Here is what I thought about this movie!

I have a soft spot for movies that use this method of flaming since I watched the movie Unfriended. Unlike other movies in the genre, the protagonists are not being chased by an outside evil, it is one that they have welcomed in, via an item that we tend to use frequently within the comfort of our homes.

This method also fits the comedy aspect of this movie perfectly, these are unware humans just trying to make a living and unintentionally causing their own end. It pokes fun at the possesion trope in horror movies in such a fun way, with each character assuming it’s part of a running “joke” until the situation gets violent.

At one point in the movie, the ditzy, spiritual character, Chrissy joins their video meeting with a blackened eye claiming that she couldn’t stop hitting herself, even after she had stopped filming. They initally brush it off as her trying to get attention, but soon realise that things were going arai for the rest of the group, freaking them out and halting shooting for the rest of the night.

The casting was the strongest point of the movie for me. Each actor plays their role incredibly well. They excel at the trope they are playing and their performances are over the top, but not so much that it breaks the immersion of the movie. It’s a self-aware parody that doesn’t over-do it.

There was one aspect of the movie that didn’t sit well with me, however, and that was the scene where they recite the encantation that summoned the demon.
There is no origin story for the entity. The character, Declan, reads it out loud while Chrissy is playing with her pendulum necklace, and that is the start of the downfall of the characters.

When they ask Declan for the origins of the encantation, he simply says that Reddit was his source, and that’s it.

This isn’t the best horror comedy available, but it’s not the worst and is a decent watch if you’re after something a little different that isn’t gory.

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