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Aggravating Video Game Enemies

There are some enemies in video games that exist to irritate the player. These enemies aren’t always inherently difficult, just inconvenient. Sometimes they explode, other times they debuff your character, but they always get on your last nerve.

In today’s post, I will be talking about video game encounters that have irked me beyond comprehension. This video was inspired by this Gameranx video!

Thrall – Destiny 2!

On their own, the Thrall are not menacing. They are rather weak, but in groups this is where their ability to push my buttons comes into play.
I have genuinely lost count of how many times one of these thralls have snuck up on me during a chaotic activity in Destiny. They tend to swarm in groups, and one will clip me as I’m trying to deal with them and the surrounding chaos.

Mega Chopper – Sonic 3 & Knuckles!

These delightful mecha-piranha’s are simple enough to deal with, but if they latch on to you, your characters speed is decreased; and you cannot jump or spin-dash.
You can shake them off by pressing left and right, but it doesn’t stop them being any less of an inconvinence, in my eyes.

Flood – Halo Series!

This parasitic delight doesn’t need an introduction. I recently played through the entirety of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, and these creatures got on my nerves.

I know they aren’t difficult to deal with, but there’d be moments where I’d back off, then I’d round a corner and there would be one with a shotgun. I got Master Chief killed many times because of that!

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