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The Sims 4: Breed Out The Ugly/Weird #3

First, I’d like to apologise for the length of time since this update and the last update. Life got in the way, but I digress.

My last play session for this challenge was quite eventful, to say the least! Here is what has happened between the previous update

Priscilla and Johnny passed away!

Johnny’s death was unexpected; while he was an elder, he still had a few days left of his natural life. We have a cow plant in the garden, which I forgot to feed. Johnny ended up being eaten by that.
I didn’t plead with the grim reaper since he was an elder and would’ve passed on eventually, but it was still sudden, but a little funny.

Priscilla had reached the end of her natural life span, but that’s not how she passed! Her and Johnny had continued their relationship, despite him being a ghost, and I had them woo-hoo one last time. She wound up passing due to overexertion. And sadly, the last woo-hoo session was lacklustre, her words.

Orson has grown up!

Orson Archer has now reached teenagehood and has almost reached young adulthood at the time of this post. He has the writing ambition, enjoys being active, and loves the outdoors. I’m still unsure about what career path he’ll take. I initially planned on doing something in the astronaut career path, but his family owns a bakery, so Orson and his partner will more than likely continue on this path.

When he has a child of his own, I’ll see what traits and aspirations they end up with. I only chose Priscilla’s traits and ambitions. The childrens will always be randomised.

The bakery!

I wanted to experiment with the “Get to Work” content in this play-through, so I opted to run a bakery with the family. At the moment, it’s doing well, but it could be better.
The early stages are always difficult; managing staff, customers and keeping stock filled is something that I am becoming accustomed to over time.

Since this screenshot was taken, I’ve added a staffroom in the back of the building; my sims needs take a battering working in this place for the length of time that they do.

That’s it for part 3; I’ll be back with an update in two weeks!

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