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Destiny 2 – The Witch Queen First Impressions!

The Witch Queen launched yesterday (February 22nd 2022) and I spent a good amount of time playing the latest Destiny expansion.
This isn’t a review, just my initial impressions of the expansion. This post will contain spoilers, if you haven’t played already.

Towards the end of the previous season, I opted to swap from playing the Hunter class to the Warlock class, favouring the void subclass.
So the new reworked void system is something that I enjoy greatly; I’m having fun experimenting with the new fragment system. It’s very satisfying watching the grenade I have equipped travel to attack hostiles.

I’m glad to see Eris Morn appear in the story again. She is one of my favourite Destiny characters. Her backstory is tragic and dark, but she doesn’t let that hold her back. Her character delivery is always fantastic, as well.
Morla Gorrondona always does a fantastic job as Eris. I hope she gets to voice the character for many years to come. Witch Queen outcome permitted, obviously!

My only gripe with the expansion so far can be summed up by the screen shot I inserted above.
Dark sequences in video games are always tough for me to navigate, but this area in particular was horrible for me to play through.
Granted, there were ways to light the area up, but finding them was a task for me. I had to be verbally guided to them by my fire-team.
I am visually impaired and this area wasn’t fun to contend with, but I am grateful people are understanding and helped me through.

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