Life Struggles!

I’d like to apologise for the missing posts as of late, life hasn’t been great for me. A mixture of personal struggles, and upsetting news has floored me. It’s just pushed the blog to the back of my mind as I’ve been trying to keep my head above water.

My family has Covid, and as you can imagine, this has left me incredibly anxious. They are doing well, and I have not contracted it. It just isn’t something you want anybody to contact, let alone people you are close to.

I have also been dealing with chronic pain in my hips. This makes navigating daily life more strenuous than it needs to be. It took me over an hour to clean my guinea pigs cage yesterday. I was supposed to clean it out on Saturday, but I was keeling over in pain.

I’m just not doing well right now; I am overwhelmed. I’ve been working on myself behind the scenes, and it’s not been easy processing that.
I also had a less than nice experience with a pharmacist lately that’s left me feeling crummy. Part of me feels like they just wanted to get rid of me; the other understands that they were probably having a bad day. It can’t be easy working through a pandemic.

This might sound like nothing to neurotypical people, but all these events combined have worn me down.
I apologise if the nature of this post seems scattered, I just wanted to drop an update letting you all know why posts haven’t turned up on the right days, and let you know that if I do go on days where I miss posts, I’m just trying to get myself together.

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2 thoughts on “Life Struggles!”

  1. *hugs* I am so sorry honey, I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. You have no need to apologise for missing posts, it is completely understandable. Take care of yourself and your family right now, a few missed blog posts (or even more than a few!) isn’t going to hurt anyone ❤


  2. Sending you big *hugs* and, as a chronic pain person myself, I totally understand! Plus I recently got a new hip, so also understand pain in the hips. It’s so crippling as you need your hips for so many things. Even sitting down and moving around then…
    No need to be sorry about blogging less, I always feel that personal issues are more important than sharing content. When you feel up for it, you will sit down and write and also be able to feel good about it then. Much strength and luck to you ♥ 🍀


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