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Gaming Goals & Why I Can’t Stick To Them

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For the past few years, I have attempted to set goals for myself to aim for. They range from reaching certain levels in live service games, to unlocking a set amount of in-game trophies, to working on the appearance of my in-game worlds.

I have found myself unable to keep on track with these goals that I have set; I have worked out why this is and I will talk about it in this post.

Life Commitments

This is the prominent factor that hinders me from often reaching the goals that I have set. Time isn’t always on my side, and my time is often needed elsewhere. In other instances, I’ve got content to catch up with, or I will be playing a diffent title at the same time.

I have time to spend working on my Animal Crossing island, for example, but setting it as a priority is not feasible in the grand scheme of my life.

Unrealistic Expectations

Destiny 2 is a prime example of this. I set the goal to reach the level cap each season, which is doable, but it resets at the end of each season. Essentially making it a never-ending loop. Additionally, I tend to overestimate how long a particular title will take me to complete before I attempt a cleanup run. This more often than not, leaves me feeling frustrated, so I opt to not complete a title fully.

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Video games are my main hobby; I also write about them, so after a while I get burnt out. Setting unrealistic goals for myself, on top of writing about gaming in general becomes tiresome. Introducing new hobbies will help me concerning this, and I’m currently exploring what hobbies I could dive into.

Physical Pain

I’m not entirely sure when, or why it started, but I have been dealing with chronic pain for a while. My knees, thighs, wrists and elbows seem to be the worst areas. As you can imagine, this impacts my life overall. Some days, it feels horribly painful to even hold my controllers.

I’m unsure what causes these pains, but I’ll be talking to my doctor about it, and implementing changes that’ll hopefully put less pressure on the afflicted areas.

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