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Wheel of life

I frequently listen to a podcast called “Law of Attraction Changed My Life” and this episode introduced me to the concept of a “Wheel of Life”, or a “Life Wheel”. It is a simple way to breakdown the aspects of your life that are important to you, so you can evaluate them and identify areas that are imbalanced, or what areas are in need of work.

My template

The template that I use is described in the podcast episode I mentioned earlier in the post. It resonated with me the most.

Pictured above is the second wheel of life that I have created. I find them to be an easy way to keep track of what areas of my life are in need of improvement. They are effortless to produce. You can find a plethora of templates online that you can use an in phone editor to fill in. I prefer to draw things and write things down in physical journals, though.

I posted my original evaluation on Instagram, but I plan to keep my thoughts to myself on this occasion. 2022 is on the horizon, so I want to work from what I find during this life wheel into January, just to see how I’ve progressed in that regard. If you would like to use my wheel from November 2021 as a starting point, here is a link to that post!

The process of creating an effective wheel of life is child’s play. Dedicate some time to determine your level of happiness for parts of your life, and then rate them from 1-10. The next part is self-explanatory, once you have identified the areas within your life that are in need of work, set out to do what you can to improve said area. Then the next month, create another wheel and see if there have been any changes.

I’m still in the early stages of practicing this habit, but my results so far have been insightful. Maybe it’s something that could benefit you?

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