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Is EA releasing too much content for The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 was released in 2014, and much like it’s previous entries, extra content is released post-launch. This can range from expansion packs that add new gameplay aspects to stuff packs that add extra content, usually with a theme. Halloween, for example.

EA have now started to produce new content called “kits” which usually tend to be cosmetic items. This got me wondering, is EA pushing far too much paid content for the game?

The “kit” collection

There is a substantial amount for The Sims 4 available, and the content doesn’t carry across platforms. I own two copies of the title; I have it on PlayStation 4 and PC. I own the “Get To Work” expansion pack on both systems, and I own 3 “stuff packs” on PS4. I am not against downloadable content (DLC) in gaming. Extra content is always welcome, but at what point does it become too much?

I did some research and found this article by PC GamesN that added up how much all of the DLC would cost to purchase, if it isn’t on sale. I was astounded by the total amount.

We now own a truly comprehensive version of one of the best management games you can play on PC. But at what cost? Oh, yeah – £485.73. Does anyone else feel a bit sick?

The total amount is slightly more than what I paid for my original PS4, a few second-hand games, a headset, and a subscription for PlayStation Plus.

That is an absurd amount of money to invest in one title. I understand that the world of video games is a business, and profit will always be a company priority. But EA are one of the most successful companies in this space. A good amount of the content outside expansion packs could be included within them, lessening the need for such an excess for content.

The expansion packs!

It’s off-putting, seeing the total amount the extra content would set me back financially. A few of the content packs and expansions look entertaining, but at their price? I cannot justify it. I’m an adult with other commitments financially. The price of one expansion pack that, isn’t on sale, is almost the price of my phone bill each month.

I would like to see a subscription service for the next Sims title. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Elder Scrolls: Online (ESO) has a subscription service called ESO Plus, in which you receive a plethora of bonuses included for being a member, including full access to expansion packs for as long as you are a member of the service.

What are your thoughts on EA and Sims content?

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2 thoughts on “Is EA releasing too much content for The Sims 4?”

  1. In my country all of the extra content in Sims 4 is a whopping $1000+ total if not on sale! I own it on both Steam and Origin and if I launch it from the former all the packs I have seem to transfer over without me having to rebuy them which surprises me. Many people jave spoken up that this is way too much but if EA keeps doing it then there must be a silent majority who keep spending their money on it.


  2. It’s a valid point but I’d say fuelled by consumer demand and actions. Kind of like the FIFA series and their ultimate team mode or whatever its called now.

    It kind of feels like a game or series transitioning between generations of gamers. As a brand new series it probably wouldn’t get the green light to release in this format but equally, slap a MMORPG label on it and suddenly it looks like a standard release drip feeding additional paid for packages and cosmetics.

    I tend to pick up one or two packages in the sales for my partner as one of few games she plays and enjoys but they aren’t cheap.


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