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Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I initially watched this documentary back in 2019. I have watched it multiple time since then and it’s message has started to hit home more than ever.

Living through a global pandemic has shifted things into perspective; I’ve been going through the motions of life and not living it. I feel the constant urge to fill a void within myself.

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I have attempted to fill the void with all manner of unhealthy habits. I’d binge eat junk food. I’d consume sugary caffeinated fizzy drinks like water. At various points in my life, I’d binge drink, and my biggest vice? Buying a plethora of items that I did not need at all. The most detrimental habit, that still troubles me, is pointless spending.

I own numerous reusable water bottles, how many do I need? Not this many. I’ve bulk bought small plush toys because they were cute. I’ve bought all sorts of items that have had no value, or impact on my daily life. All they ever did was clutter my cupboards and drain me financially.

There was an initial rush of fantastic feelings from the spending, the eating, and the other habits, but it was fleeting. Before I knew it, I was back to square one. Back to feeling as if something was wrong. Feeling as if something was missing.

It is far too easy to get drawn into the lavish world that is presented by the various forms of media. Especially if you look into the lives of successful actors, or content creators, for example. You’re likely to see images of expensive cars, lavish mansions with multiple rooms. This is something we see regularly, and it’s somehow become the posterchild of what defines a successful life.

If that’s somebody’s goal, more power to them, but realistically, what does the average person need with a home that big? Or a car that fast? You’ll more than likely spend more money than necessary on a home that size, and on items to fill the space. The car will consume ridiculous amounts of fuel compared to other cars on the market.

I’ve learned to stop and ask myself if the item will benefit my life in some way, or will this be a spur of the moment purchase?

Project 333 was a subject that caught my attention during my recent re-watch of the documentary. Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge where you wear 33 items of clothing for 3 months.

It got me thinking about how many clothes I own versus what I wear. I’ve bought so many items of clothing over the years and I’m estimating that I’ve worn only 10% of that. The rest ends up in the back of my already cluttered clothing storage.

I’m in need of new clothes soon; my fluctuating weight has left me unable to wear most of my older items. So I’ll be basing my purchases on this challenge. I’ll be sure to update you on my progress once I get started.

Click here to learn more about Project 333!

This documentary was an eye-opening experience. Joshua and Ryan, in particular, inspired me to take notice of all the items that I own and have accumulated.

They were both working in the corporate world; they were living the ideal life from a society’s viewpoint. They quit their jobs, downscaled their lives, wrote books, and went on tours promoting their new, happier lifestyle.

I have been inspired me to apply aspects of what was shown into my own life. I will more than likely do varations of the lessons, since my life goals and things I like don’t always align with what’s shown. Which is fine, this isn’t a fundamental approach to life; it’s just a means to live a happer, stress-free life.

I highly recommend checking out the documentary, and also the Minimalist Podcast.

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