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New Self Development Series!

I was gifted a Kindle by a dear friend for my birthday, and I’ve been reading through the self-help books that I had planned to read before my original Kindle broke.

It’s become apparent to me recently that I need to sit and work on myself. I had so much planned for October, but things beyond my control, as well as, me becoming overwhelmed after putting too much on my plate, and this needs addressing.

I’ve been planning on compiling self-help information in note form for a while. I bought a folder and paper for that recently. I’ve also started compiling resources to take notes from.

A podcast I listen to, called Law of Attraction Changed My Life has a book club on Patreon where they work through self-help books, and this is where I got the idea from. I haven’t joined that as of this post, I feel as if I need to prioritise issues in my life right now, then I can expand on self-help and the spiritual subjects within that group.

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My goal is to read one self-help book a month and then talk about what I’ve learned from it.

I’ll also be taking notes to implement what I’ve learned into my life and healthy routines. I’m still on the fence about how often I should post about the book, or which platform to post updates on. As of the writing of this post, I’m thinking of doing smaller updates over on the Life Told By Stacey Instagram page, and more summary/review pieces here.

I’m going to be careful regarding overwhelming myself regarding this venture into self-growth. I know it’s going to be delving into subjects, and memories that I might not want to address, but there’s no time like the present.

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I understand that I will never be “free” of my mood disorders, but I want to be able to live with them, and deal with the bad days in a healthy manner.

I deserve to be happy, and I’m going to strive for that.

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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