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Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episode: Fort Night

Left to right: The Pesto Twins, Louise, Tina, Gene and Darrel.

“Fort Night” is the second episode of season 4, as well as, the second Halloween themed episode overall. Out of all the Halloween-related episodes I have seen, this is my favourite.

I will be explaining why in this post!
(Spoilers ahead!)

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Millie Frock.
This is her debut episode.

Plot Summary!

Louise, Tina and Gene decide to team up with the Pesto twins and dress up as a Chinese Dragon; Bob and Linda are working on this. This is a ploy to get more Halloween candy. Tina decides that it’s her last time trick-or-treating due to her age.

Before heading back to the restaurant to get the costume, the 5 of them went to a cardboard fort the children had constructed.

A truck backs into the fort, the driver not realising that the children are in there, leaving them trapped.

The only person who hears their screams is classmate Millie Frock, an annoying classmate of Louise’s, who then decides to leave them trapped in there after Louise loses patience with her.

My Thoughts!

The concept of this episode is frightening to me. I’m a claustrophobic person and it really plays on that fear for me. The children spend most of the episode trapped in the fort; any attempts they make to escape get thwarted by Millie.

Darrell, who is desperate to escape, reveals an escape plan to Millie; she then slams the lid of the bin shut. Leaving Darrell trapped along with the kids.

When Bob and Linda go to check the fort for the kids, Millie leads them away after convincing them that the children have gone trick-or-treating.

Millie does not intend on letting them out, for any reason; the children escape because a failed attempt at moving the van causes it to crush the box. And they narrowly avoided getting crushed.

The fort crumbling under the weight of the van.

Of course, this is an episode of Bob’s Burgers, so the children were always going to escape, but the situation they were in could’ve ended badly.

Millie wasn’t going to let them out; they would have been found eventually, but it would have probably worried Bob and Linda so much that the police were called.

Now, thinking back to the van crushing the box. If the children hadn’t thought to pile strong pieces of garbage to hold the van back briefly, they could’ve died. Nobody would know where they were either, until they checked what was left of the thought.

Millie’s demeanor during the entire episode was also bordering on sociopathic. Louise should’ve been nicer to her, but in her attempt to punish one person, she could’ve hurt, or even killed 6 people.

Even when she returns to the remains of the fort, unaware that the children had escaped, her thoughts involve being worried about getting in trouble, or not liking her therapist.

The children get a happy ending after pretending to be ghosts resulting in Millie being terrified and dropping her candy, but this episode as horror movie material for sure.

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