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Pet (2016) – Review! (Spoilers)

Pet is a psychological thriller released in 2016. It was written by Carles Torrens and directed by Jeremy Slater. Notable actors who featured in this movie are Dominic Monaghan of Lord of the Rings fame, and Janette McCurdy of iCarly fame.

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The Plot!

Introverted Seth works at an animal control department. He has become obsessed with a former classmate called Holly, played by Ksenia Solo, who he watched writing in a journal on a bus journey. After a seeking advice from his co-worker Nate, who is played by Da’Vone McDonald, who tells him to be confident and approach her.

After studying her social media profiles, he attempts to ask her out, but she rebuffs his advances. She tells her friend Claire, played by Janette McCurdy, about the encounter, then proceeds to take a phone call from her ex-boyfriend.

The next day she receives a bouquet that she believes came from her ex-boyfriend. She goes to the bar to visit him, and is followed by Seth. A physical confrontation breaks out when Seth refuses to accept rejection. He steals her journal, then returns to an empty room in his workplace, sets up a cage, then proceeds to kidnap Holly from her home.

Holly talks to an image of Claire while she is imprisoned, letting her know that she will get out of the situation that she has found herself in.

My Thoughts!

At the start of this movie, I felt so much sympathy for Holly. The way Seth behaved around her was uncomfortable; Dominic Monaghan did an amazing job playing this character. I have been in situations where people have taken a liking to me, and not accepted that I didn’t reciprocate their feelings. My worst fear in these situations was being kidnapped, and this happened to Holly.

Seth claims his purpose in life was to “save” Holly, which sounds like inane rumblings at first. He sounds unhinged and dangerous. As the movie goes on, however, it is revealed that what Holly was writing in her journal weren’t fictional events; they were real acts of murder.

It is revealed in a flashback that Claire had slept with Holly’s ex-boyfriend, during a heated argument in a car they get into an accident.

Both of them survive the initial impact, but Holly kills Claire with a glass shard; her death was attributed to the crash.

I didn’t see this twist in the story coming. It really changed my perception of Holly. I found myself genuinely shocked at her true nature. My feelings towards Seth didn’t change, however. His behaviour was still terrifying and something many people face in the real world. He seems like a character that could’ve benefited from therapy, whereas Holly deserves to be locked up for her murderous acts, but not in the way that she was.

The twist makes you think about how you perceive people based on appearances. Just looking at Holly, you would never assume that she was capable of the atrocities that she committed. She had an “average” job, seemed to be close to Claire, and had a cheating ex. This is something that many people can relate to.

The setting is gritty, realistic, and doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. People have been imprisoned in places like Holly was. I haven’t mentioned the end of this movie in this post because I want whoever reads this to experience it for themselves.

I recommend watching this movie at least once, it is truly a hidden gem.

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