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Dealing With Emotional Numbness

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Emotional numbness is a horrible symptom of mental illness to live with. It can leave you feeling hopeless and everything about life feels bleak. Life can feel overwhelming, especially when things happen that are beyond our control. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing advice/tips that have helped me during times like these.

Please keep in mind that I am not a medical professional. All the advice I give on the blog is from my own experiences. Contact your local mental health support team if you’re struggling.

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Journaling has become one of my favourite pastimes. It is very simple and affective to do. I prefer writing with a notepad and pen, but you can use the note app on your phone, or a word processor.

It is also a healthy coping mechanism. I recommend journaling to anybody who is struggling on an emotional level.

Talking about your emotions can be difficult. I’ve found that taking 5 minutes for myself and writing about my life helps me express myself. You’ll find yourself surprised at how easy expressing yourself through writing can be!

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Physical Activity!

You probably won’t feel like doing any form of physical activity, but it can help you. I’ve found that going to the local park for an hour or two picks my mood up.

Yoga has also been a godsend to me. I highly recommend practising in the morning, and a routine designed for sleep at night!

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Positive Affirmations!

Negative self-talk can be detrimental to your mental health. It is all too easy to insult yourself. Stop this. You don’t deserve it! You’re human and having a human experience. Everyone has gone through this at least once!

Remind yourself of your worth! You are enough. You are worthy. You can do this! Of course, when you’re writing your own affirmations, it’s better to use “I am”, or “I can”.

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