I Watched Detective Pikachu! – Spoilers Ahead!

I apologise that this was a week late, sometimes life just gets the better of you!

I watched Detective Pikachu recently and here are my thoughts!

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Tim Goodman played by Justice Smith!

The Story!

21-year-old Tim Goodman is an insurance adjuster who gave up the dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer after the death of his mother. He then finds out that his father, who he is estranged from, was killed in a car accident. 

Tim goes to his fathers apartment in Ryme City, a city in which humans and Pokémon live together peacefully, to sort through his belongings and encounters his fathers partner Pokémon, a Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Tim accidentally sets off a vial of gas, known as “R” off and the pair get attacked by rabid Aipom. They escape and set off to find the source of “R”, and Tim’s father who they believe survived his accident.

Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds (left)

What I Liked!

I’m just going to get this out of the way; Ryan Reynolds is the highlight of this movie. He delivers his lines with the wit and charm that he is associated with. I feel that he was the perfect casting for this role. I found myself chuckling often at his one-liners and quips. 

I was initially apprehensive about a live-action Pokémon movie. I was worried that some of the designs wouldn’t transfer well into a mix of animation and human actors. The designs were great, they looked as if they fit in perfectly in the world around them. Some of them even resembled how I’d picture them looking in the real world. I’m glad they didn’t go for an over the top cutesy style for them. 

Even a Mr. Mime, a Pokémon I don’t usually like, looked great in this movie. 

What I Didn’t Like!

I felt as if this movie went on longer than it needed to with sequences that could’ve been lifted from the movie, without making a difference to the overall plot. Namely Tim and his love interest, the story could’ve done without it. 

It also felt predictable in places, the big reveal of who the villain is and what “R” was is something you’d see coming if you paid attention. It essentially reveals it at the beginning of the movie. 

Thoughts Overall!

I had a good time with this movie, and it isn’t perfect by any means, and I had my issues with it, but I’m not its primary demographic. 

If you have children who enjoy Pokémon, they will more than likely enjoy it. There’s also stuff here for older Pokémon fans to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, give it a watch. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I can see those who aren’t fans of Pokémon enjoying this too. It isn’t lore heavy and explains the gist of the Pokémon world early on in the movie. 

My Rating!

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One thought on “I Watched Detective Pikachu! – Spoilers Ahead!

  1. charlesfwh

    On the ‘to watch’ list. Reading that, it did make me realise randomly those of us who played the original base games in the UK will be in our mid to late 30s now. The continued focus of the series and movies towards a younger demographic to draw in new fans makes a certain sense to continue the longevity of the series but it did feel good to hear or read it was also aimed at an older audience. too.


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