Why Self-Care Is Important!

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Self-care has always been important, but it seems to have taken the world slowing down to realise how important it is to our everyday lives. 
In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the reasons why I believe it’s important.

You’ll End Up With Burnout!

Burnout is awful to contend with. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at least once in our lives! 
In some cases, self-care can be simply taking a break from whatever you’re working on. It can seem like a good idea to dedicate an extra few minutes to that project you’ve been working on, but if you’re forcing yourself against your needs, you’ll end up with the dreaded burnout. 

Sleep Disturbances!

An act of self-care is getting the correct amount of sleep a night. You’d be surprised how the lack of sleep can affect you. Your concentration can be impacted, you can feel overly emotional, and in some cases, it’s the equivalent of being drunk!

If you’re struggling to sleep, there are plenty of resources out there to help you! 

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It’s Important For Your Self Worth!

From my experience with low self-esteem/worth, I don’t tend to address my own needs because I’m not fond of myself more often than not. 
I find that it’s important to ensure you take care of yourself, maybe dedicate an evening a week to something like wearing a face-mask.
It’ll make a world of difference. 

It Helps You To Be Present!

It’s essential to just stop and live in the moment every so often. Life can often feel hectic with a neverending list of things to get done. I often feel this way when it comes to keeping up with my blog. I do everything here myself. 

My favourite way to live in the moment is to make a cup of tea and sit in silence. No thoughts, just observing what’s around me. 

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Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here.
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