Gameplay Features I Wish Were In The Sims 4

I like The Sims 4 and have put many hours into it, but it feels basic in comparison to earlier entries. Even the console exclusive versions, and even with the addition of the DLC packs. 

For today’s post, I’m going to be talking about features from previous Sims titles that I would’ve like to have seen in The Sims 4! 
(I don’t own all the DLC for the Sims 4, and I’m writing this from memory.
If something I’ve mentioned is included in a pack, please let me know!)

The Burglar!

I miss the random chance of them spawning and potentially stealing items from my sims homes. It was a minor feature, but it made me laugh hearing the creepy music and the silly way they would sneak into the houses.
They would’ve been an excellent addition to The Sims 4, and I’d like to see them making a comeback at some point.

Driveable Vehicles!

Vehicles are in The Sims 4, but they are only aesthetic items. The Sims 4 world feels static; that was always one of my complaints. To travel anywhere now, you just access your Sims phone and pick a location.
It’s such a minor detail, but it could’ve made the world feel more alive overall!

Open Worlds!

Why didn’t they implement these in Sims 4? I miss travelling with my Sim to a neighbour’s house without there being a loading screen!
Going to a neighbours house? There’s a loading screen.
Going to a public lot? Loading screen.
It confuses me that EA left this out of the game. As I said in the piece about vehicles, it just makes the world feel static, rather than a lived-in world!

More Ways To Interact With Babies!

The baby life stage in the sims 4 might as well not exist. They have become static objects. The only way that they can be interacted with is via the cot that they are in.

It would have been nice if the parent sims could take them out and carry them or even push them around the neighbourhood in a pram.

What content do you miss from previous Sims games?

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