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Destiny 2 Progress!

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 on the Xbox One as of late. I’ve been able to play with my partner and one of his friends.

I’m still going to play the game on PlayStation. I’m in a clan on that platform. I didn’t have PlayStation Plus at the time of this post.

Hunter Progress!

Recent armour drops!

After completing some of the games Lost Sectors on Legendary difficulty, I acquired the Mask of Bakris and Star-Eater Scales. I’m not ready to go through them on the master difficult right now, but I am happy with these two drops!

My Hunters’ light level has also increased a little since I played last. She’s not where I want her to be, but this is something that’ll improve the more I play.

Current load out!

Playing Warlock Again/Warlock Progress!

Work In Progress!

I’ll admit that I’ve struggled a fair bit adjusting to the different styles the two classes have. I hadn’t played the Warlock class for a long time, so its jump style totally threw me.

I’ve stuck with the void subclass as that was always my favourite in the original Destiny game. I’m just going through things I’ve missed with the Warlock, and then I’ll be moving on to the Titan class.

I have plans to go through the returning Vault of Glass raid before the current season ends. I’ve also completed the season pass.

It’s been an interesting experience running through many activities I’d never done before with my partner and his friend. It’s as if I’ve had half the game unlocked. I am grateful for their help. I sure needed it!

I’m grateful I decided to give Destiny 2 another chance. It’s not perfect, but I’m having a blast!

Do you play Destiny 2? What progress have you made?

Thank you for your time!
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