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I Watched Fear Street Part 2: 1978!

Better late than never, right? I was very excited to watch Part 2 and write my thoughts about it. Click here for part 1!
Also, like my last post on the series I have tried to keep this post spoiler free, but the images I’ve used may contain spoilers!

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Continuing from part one, Deena and Josh travel to C. Berman’s house for help after restraining Sam, who has since become possessed. She’s reluctant to help initially, but then tells the teens about her experience at Camp Nightwing in 1978.

I found myself enjoying this entry in the series more than its predecessor. I am a big fan of its campground setting. It reminded me of movies set in similar slasher movies set in similar backdrops; the Friday the 13th franchise and Sleepaway franchise are two examples that come to mind.

While scenic and aesthetically pleasing, Campsites in woodland areas are also relatively isolated, especially the year this movie was set in.
Communication to the world outside the camp would’ve been via landline, so if those lines were lost for whatever reason, it would be a dangerous situation, as was shown in the movie.

I enjoyed the camp setting, seeing all the different cliques, the camp rivalries, and routines associated with teenagers in a camp environment.
I also enjoyed the varying personalities of the camp counselors. There were the usual “good” counselors trope and the negligent counselor trope.
It reminded me of the negligent counselors from Friday the 13th.

Sarah Frier had more of a presence in this movie, which I was hoping for. More of her story is explained, and you see more of how the people of Shadyside believe the legend and the deal she made to avoid death.

Have you watched part 2?
What were your thoughts?

Thank you for your time!
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