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I Watched Fear Street Part One: 1994!

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I was very excited to watch this movie after seeing it in the “coming soon” section of Netflix, so it seemed like the perfect movie to watch and write about.
The next part of the story is due to be released on July 9th, following this post.
Until then, here are my thoughts on part one. This post contains images that could count as spoilers!

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In 1994, book store employer Heather Watkins was murdered by her friend Ryan. Ryan had previously shown any signs that he wanted to murder her or the other mall employees. He is eventually killed in a shootout by the police.
The town Shadyside, Ohio, is deemed the murder capital because events like this happen often.
The teens of Shadyside believe that it is the curse of a witch called Sarah Fier, but protagonist Deena doesn’t believe in the witch.

I was a big fan of the 90’s aesthetic, I was born in late 1991, so I missed out on the early ’90s. While I remember using cassettes to listen to music, I remember CDs being more prevalent and then swapping to MP3 files in my teenage years.

I was also a fan of the characters themselves. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job, and my immersion wasn’t broken at all during the movie’s duration.
It was also interesting to get an insight into what being a teenager during the 1990s was like without technology in everyone’s lives.

I genuinely liked the portrayals of the characters, they were likeable, and I wanted the best for them. They felt human and didn’t have any of the usual teenage horror character tropes assigned to them.
I was invested in their lives and was rooting for their survival throughout.

It was also great seeing subtle nods to other movies from the horror genre. I won’t list them here to avoid spoilers, but any eagle-eyed horror fan will spot these references easily.

My only issues with the movie were as follows, I felt that some scenes were a little too long and didn’t really add much value to the overall plot; they could’ve been shorter and had the same impact.

I also wish there was more backstory on the witch character, she doesn’t need to be front and centre, but she spends most of this movie unseen.
The issues I’ve mentioned can easily be fixed in the upcoming sequels, though.

If you’re a fan of horror, I suggest you watch this movie and the coming sequels!

Have you watched Fear Street, what did you think?
If you haven’t, are you going to watch it?

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