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I Watched: Sonic the Hedgehog! (Spoiler Free!)


I finally got this movie off my “watch list” backlog! Yes, I have one of those as well! So, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the movie!

I was gifted this movie by a dear friend, and I’m grateful to receive it. Shout-out to David. Part man, part sasquatch who publishes his writing, so go have a nose at his work. Click here for his page!

One of the fears I had going into this movie was quickly diminished. I was worried about how Sonic himself would be portrayed. Sonic is known for his good nature and happy-go-lucky nature. It is far too easy to turn characters with similar personalities into obnoxious and overbearing characters.
Sonic was portrayed in the movie as shown in other forms of media, quick and witty.

I found the plot of the movie to be a nice change of pace from Sonic’s usual outings.
In this universe, he is from another planet. He was chased by a tribe of echidnas wanting to harness his powers. Sonic receives a bag of rings from his protector and is sent to earth for his protection.
The rings that Sonic receives are used as portals to other worlds.

Ben Schwartz as Sonic was the perfect casting decision. His line delivery and tone of voice really suit the character. His Sonic portrayal is now one of my favourite versions of Sonic, along with Jaleel White and Roger Craig Smith.
The pairing of Sonic and James Marsten as Tom was brilliant. The two have incredible chemistry, and their back and forth banter was believable.
It sounded like two people who met by chance grew closer and became good friends, much like their characters in the movie.

For me, Jim Carey’s Robotnik was the standout character in the movie. Despite his high IQ and abilities, I always imagine Dr Robotnik has a goofy character, and Jim Carey excels in those roles.
I’m genuinely excited to see how he portrays a slightly more unhinged version of the character in the sequel!

The movie also mixes live-action with the movies generated graphics well. What happens in the film doesn’t seem out of place. The effects and graphics look as if they belong in their surroundings and don’t look tacky and forced for the sake of having them.

I could gush about this movie for longer, but I try to make my movie reviews spoiler-free! So I recommend you see this movie for yourself.
It’s a fun watch, and you don’t need to be familiar with the Sonic franchise as a whole.

Have you seen this movie? If you have, did you enjoy it?

Thank you for your time!

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