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Let’s Talk About Life Told By Stacey: Social Media, Time Management & Content

I don’t have a mental health post today, so if this doesn’t interest you, that’s okay!
I’ll be back to posting mental health content the following Monday!

My life has been up and down since the pandemic started. Some of the reasons have been out of my control, and other reasons were things I should’ve dealt with but kept delaying them.

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Social Media!

I found myself getting far too overwhelmed with the number of social media accounts I was trying to maintain. I recently closed down my Tumblr page, and I am on the fence about keeping my Pinterest and Facebook pages.
For now, I’ve decided to private some boards and deleted others. My Pinterest content wasn’t good, so I will attempt to improve it and then determine whether the account will stay.

I will more than likely be closing the Facebook page; I won’t be deleting it yet because part of me fears I’ll be missing it out of I get rid of it permanently.
For whatever reason, Facebook is the social media app that damages my mental health the most. So if I can’t have a healthy relationship with the site, I’ll either delete my accounts and page or look into getting someone to run it for me.

Running Life Told By Stacey!

I genuinely enjoy the aspects of blogging, but my time management is appalling. As a result, I often end up putting things off, but they tend to be things that I shouldn’t have put off.
A podcast that I listen to called “Law of Attraction Changed My Life” talked about the book “The Success Principles” written by Jack Canfield.
In this book, he mentions the “4 Ds of time management” in the picture below.

I need to take stock of all my commitments, chores, errands and whatever else needs to be done and organise them by the level of priority.
I’ll also be looking for a copy of the book to study.


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I always have ideas for content, but sometimes I become overwhelmed trying to figure out what to write and what to scrap.
I’m also working on making better photo content for Instagram and my blog thumbnails.
I might need

I will also be making more effort with user feedback posts and commenting back to people.

Thank you for your time!

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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