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What Have I Been Watching?

I’ve been watching content lately that I can potentially talk about. Since dedicating Wednesdays to reviews, I’ve found myself constantly wondering what to write about.

I watch movies frequently, and I watch a lot of tv shows. I just have so many ideas going at once, so I’ll be picking a movie for next week.
I’ll keep you posted on my social feeds as to what the movie will be.
Until then, here’s what content I have been watching!

Shameless! (UK)

Crass, vulgar, and downright hilarious!
I’ve been watching the show when I’ve been feeling low; it never fails to cheer me up.
Frank Gallagher is one of the most fantastic characters on tv! David Threlfall is an incredible actor, and Frank just shows how varied his acting range is.

I’m reluctant to watch the US version. There may be minor nuances that only make sense to Americans; it’s on my watch list, though!

90 Day: The Single Life!

During the lockdown, I came across a clip from Before the 90 days on Twitter. The clip was Big Ed telling his poor girlfriend Rose that she needed to shave her legs.

I’ve always been a fan of reality tv like this and found myself watching this show during the lockdowns. I’d also been invested in social sciences as a subject, so this fitted perfectly.

I’ve got many opinions on the franchise overall, and especially Big Ed, so there could be content in the near future!

Wishmaster! (1997)

This a movie I want to like but never seems to hold my attention fully. Which is a shame; the concept is interesting.
This movie is part of a Halloween related idea that I have.

I’ll give it another chance when my head is in a better space.

What have you been watching?
Do you have any movie, or tv show suggestions?

Thank you for your time!

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

One thought on “What Have I Been Watching?

  1. How did you fid 90 days? I love my American roots but it doesn’t cast the country in the best light. Interesting premise from a social science perspective, it almost seems to make victims out of the people chasing that green card. Interesting show.


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