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Destiny 2: My Thoughts On Stasis In PVP!

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“Silence and Squall” the hunter class super ability.

The stasis sub-class was introduced in Destiny 2 at the start of the Beyond Light campaign. Since its introduction, I have seen it used more often than the games base sub-classes.

There’s a reason it’s as popular as it is; the ability is helpful in the PVE game modes and the PVP game modes.
In this post, I will be focusing on its impact on PVP and how I feel it’s made the modes feel like a slog.

I started playing Destiny 2 again around the end of the Forsaken expansion, and adjusting to the new meta the stasis abilities brought was tough to begin with.
The only stasis super I still have trouble with is the Hunter class’ ability called Silence and Squall.

It dominates the PVP playlists and is tough to escape from. As a hunter main myself, I feel that it is too powerful in these instances.
Join any playlist, and you’re bound to be hit or killed by this ability.
It’s started to feel to me as if gunplay is no longer factors; it is about who can get used to their abilities first.
This is a shame since Destiny 2 has fun gunplay.

It’s honestly put me off venturing into the crucible, Iron Banner, and other PVP playlists outside of Gambit.
It just isn’t fun anymore. I understand that winning isn’t everything; I’m not the best player in competitive game modes. Still, it’s frustrating being constantly met with what are essentially crutch abilities.

I asked my Twitter followers what they thought, and here are the results!

If you play Destiny, how do you feel about stasis? Or, what do you think about overpowered/crutch abilities or weapons in games?

Thank you for your time!

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One thought on “Destiny 2: My Thoughts On Stasis In PVP!

  1. Yep I found it’s ruining the game. I only went back to Destiny in the last few months and the over powered Stasis abilities are really frustrating. The stasis tornado-like super in particular is just broken. It stays on the field for so long and I actually got killed by it, then spawn killed by it as it was on hanging about on top of the spawn point.


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