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My Favourite Pokémon!

(I took this photo and editied it years ago!)

Today’s post will be a simple piece about my favourite Pokémon. I’m still working on other gaming-related content in the background, so this is a nice break from that work for now!
Below are some of my favourite Pokémon!

The images used in this post are from Bulbapedia; I claim no ownership!


Mimikyu became my all-time favourite Pokémon when I saw the sprite for the first time! Then I fell in love with its backstory. It just wants to be loved, so it dresses like Pikachu.
I can relate to the feeling of just wanting to be accepted, and that’s why I became drawn to it!


Squirtle was the first starter Pokémon that I ever chose. I remember being in awe of the design of Blastoise. Its size, its cannons, and intimidating presence had me fascinated by it. Child me also wanted to ride on the back of one in the sea. Dream big, they say!


I’ve always loved the gothic design that this evolution line has. I really enjoy its second type mixing as well.
It’s also one of the Pokémon I’d like to own if they were real, but that’s a post for another week!

What are some of your favourite Pokémon, and why?

Thank you for your time! I’m grateful you chose to spend it here!
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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Pokémon!

  1. Mimikyu is a favourite of mine too. My all time favourite Pokemon is Cubone but I also love Munna, Blaziken and Bulbasaur! ♡ I always tend to favour the cuter Pokemon haha


  2. I’m a sucker for legendary Pokemon and dragons like Palkia, Rayquaza, Giratina, Groudon and Lugia, and proud of it.


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