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Let’s Talk Anxiety: Replying To Messages, Comments ETC.

This isn’t the post I had planned for today, but I feel like I owe my readers and explanation for a few things.

I tend to come across as ignorant when it comes to comments and tweets, which is never my intention.

I’ve not worked out why this happens to me, but I’ll often go to reply, become extremely anxious about saying the “wrong” thing and then forget to reply entirely.

I am truly grateful for anybody who has ever taken the time to interact with me, and I feel guilty for not showing that sometimes.

Anxiety is a horrible disorder and impacts people in the most random of ways. I can be triggered by something as simple as a song in other instances.

As a person, I can be quite brash and crass. It’s never done with any malice, it’s just who I am. I have a dark sense of humour, I can be quite “in your face” and I have the vocabulary of a sailor.

I know that this doesn’t define my character, but I often worry that people will assume I’m uneducated, horrible or not worth the effort. Not everyone understands aspects of myself, which is fine, but I fear genuinely upsetting someone.

I’m currently working through issues offline and in time I’m hoping that the fear will die down in tune.

I just want you to know that I am grateful for anybody who had glanced my way. Thank you.


I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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