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Mental Health Monday – Surviving Being Embarrased In Public!

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This is something I imagine many people fear happening. Unfortunately, something you try so hard to prevent happening just happens, and it feels terrible.
I experienced something that left me feeling terribly embarrassing recently and it is still troubling me.
While I don’t feel ready to talk about it in such a public space, I will share what’s helping me come to terms with what happened and how I’m moving forward.

It happened, now what?

As much as you would like to, you can’t change the past. So from this point forward it’s best to adopt this thought process so you don’t wallow.
Everyone has done something embarrassing at one point in their lives.
After my experience, I went home and talked to Ben about what happened and how I felt about it.
He reassured me that I’m not the only person to have the experience that I did, he’s been in a similar situation, and just hearing that put me at ease.

From that point on, I worked out that I need to be more prepared for that situation. There’s always a possibility it could happen again, but knowing this is oddly comforting. I’ve left the house since then and even returned to the place it happened.

Learn to laugh at yourself

Admitedly, this can take some time, but think about this, nobody is getting out alive when it comes to life. In time, embarrassment can often be laughable in hindsight. I’ll share a story that I thought was embarrassing at the time, but now is hilarious to recall.

I was a teenager and I’d gone to Pizza Hut with my friends after watching a movie in the cinema. The booth we were sitting in had some low hanging lights. As I stood up to leave, I hit my head on them. Of course, my friends witnessed this, but it didn’t stop there. Some servers had witnessed it happened, the people sat around us witnessed, and the cherry on top? It echoed! So customers towards the back would’ve heard the sound of my shame like the toll of a bell! I was asked if I was okay by a friend and I replied with a phrase we still giggle about today, “I’m leaving while I still have my pride”.

It’ll take some time, but you’ll get there.

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It’s a short piece, but I’m still working through my recent experience, what advice would you give to someone experiencing embarrassment?

Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here
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