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Happy Valentine’s Day – I Played Hatoful Boyfriend! (Spoiler Free)

I played the PS4 version for this review!

Until I played this game, I had never played a dating sim!
I’m glad I started with this one in particular!

The game’s premise is simple: you are the only human accepted into a prestigious school for birds. You’ll navigate through the mundane parts of high school as you try to catch the attention of possible bird suitors you’ll encounter for the story.

A possible love interest

The game plays like a visual novel. A character will deliver a line of dialogue. You get to pick from responses that will vary depending on choices made throughout the story.

The dialogue is cheesy, goofy and rather funny. It’s my favourite aspect. It’s nice to play games that don’t take themselves too seriously sometimes.
Each of the birds you can date has their own quirks, and personality traits make new playthroughs enjoyable.
The clubs you choose to join, the classes you decide to take and your choices during school events can improve relationships with individual birds. So keep this in mind if you’re trying to romance someone specific.

The game had me chuckling throughout my playthrough and has me interested in more games like this one.

The only part of the game I didn’t like involved a word that can be offensive to dual sex people.
I won’t share the word, or screenshot here, but this is a little heads-up about that.

One of my favourite characters!

Hatoful boyfriend is an enjoyable and memorable experience I highly recommend to anybody after a game outside of the typical genres they tend to play.
It’s fun to experiment with the options and see what ending you get, plus the game has excellent replay value because of its multiple conclusions.

Have you played this game? Would you play it? Let me know!

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