Let's Talk, Mental Health, Video Games

Video Games, Mental Health & The Holiday Season!

The holiday period can be a tough time for numerous reasons, now we have a pandemic on top!

There will be a lot of us playing games online, so it’s important to be kind!

I’m sure that we’ve all sent a hitting message online once or twice. I’ll hold my hand up and admit to it.

It got me thinking recently after being sent some not so polite messages that we don’t know how the recipient reacted to receiving a nasty message.

Since we are going through a global pandemic, people are feeling isolated. Some people who’d usually see families and friends before the pandemic might find themselves alone.

Some are constantly isolated and online gaming is their connection to the outside world, their only means of social interaction over the holidays.

This doesn’t just apply to the holidays, it’s something we should all do from now on.

It’s all too easy to say things that you wouldn’t usually say if you weren’t behind a screen. Don’t get caught up in the moment.

You never know what someone is going through in that moment.

Be kind.

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