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I Played The Bunker! (Spoiler Free!)

  • Developed by: Wales Interactive & Splendy Interactive.
  • Published by: Wales Interactive & Green Man Gaming.
  • Released: 2016 & 2018.
  • Available for: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, OS X.
  • Genre: FMV, Horror.

The Plot!

The game follows John, who is the last survivor living in a nuclear bunker owned by the government after England got destroyed during a nuclear attack.
The bunker is a mysterious place that holds secrets. John also has to contend with repressed memories to contend with if he wants to survive.

What I Enjoyed!

The game has an engaging and intriguing plot that’ll make you want to keep on playing. The actors involved complement the story and do a great job, reinforcing the dark, scary atmosphere.

Adam Brown, the actor who played John did a fantastic job conveying the direness of the situation. His acting emphasises the terror the character would be feeling, I often found myself wincing along with him. I also found the way he showed his anxiety and his reactions to repressed memories were relatable as someone who also struggles with these issues in real life. 

The game is completely live action and was filmed in an actual bunker in Essex, I always appreciate places shot in places like this, without any effects and good cinematography, this game has all 3!

I normally write about things I didn’t enjoy in a game, but I really didn’t find anything worth writing about. There are no glaring flaws, my only issues were personal issues that had nothing to with the game, just my own impatience occasionally, since I’ve been playing games with a much quicker pace recently.

If you’re after a short, story driven game, this game is worth picking up. It’s also a simple game to collect trophies/achievements for, perfect for the compeletionist gamers.

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Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here!

Stay safe and stay hydrated!

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