Hello Again!

Did you miss me?! Aren’t auto posting services fantastic? Just popping in with an update before my regular content schedule returns tomorrow.

I’m doing better than I was before, which is better than nothing. I’m hoping to pinpoint the reason my moods fluctuate as much as they do, but that’ll take time, maybe more therapy. I’ll need to work out the therapy part once lockdowns are eased.

The social media breaks were needed, I’ve always found myself comparing myself to others. Social media can make that habit worse, most people tend to post the best parts of their lives on social media. I’ve got nothing against that. If you’re proud of something, brag away. In my case, I only focused on what others have and I don’t.

No real reason for this photo of Danny, he’s just cute.

For the rest of October, my Wednesday posts will be horror movies and my gaming posts will be horror related. T’is the season to be spooky, after all! I’ll be watching the Slenderman movie, then playing and reviewing Slender: The Arrival. So check back for those posts later in the week.

The mental health posts will remain the same. Advice, personal experiences and so on.

I’ll be writing Rainbow Six: Siege posts over on ESportsWales.org in due time. Those posts will be more geared towards the competitive aspects of the game, so will be staying on that site. I’ll share links to my work on my feeds and future updates, though. I’ve got a fair bit of writing opportunities in the works. 😊

Here’s a photo of Rob in the hay he pulled out of his feeder. Just because he’s also cute.

Thank you for sticking with me. I know I do these kinds of posts often, but you’d be surprised what sets mental issues off.

It honestly means a lot that you read what I write. ❤️

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about gaming and anxiety. See you then!

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

Thank you for your time! I appreciate you being here!

My usual schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check my feeds for updates, pictures and all that good stuff.

Stay safe and stay hydrated! 🖤🌻

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