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Are Conspiracy Theories Increasing the Spread of COVID?

Back in the summer, I remember tweeting about being pointed at and laughed at for wearing a face covering in the supermarket. I got quite a few negative responses to the tweet. Nothing really offensive, just playground insults, mainly the word “sheep”. From this point on, I found out about the conspiracy theories surrounding masks and the pandemic in general.

I’m a fan of conspiracy theories and I believe a little skepticism can be good on occasion, but these theories are either downright questionable, or spread misinformation which can be harmful.

People don’t like face masks, they aren’t the most comfortable things, but they can stop air droplets from being expelled near people, a way covid is spread. Yet, there is so much misinformation floating around about them. Masks don’t stop infections, that much is true, but they miss out the part I mentioned previously.

They also say that breathing in carbon dioxide is dangerous and the masks increase the amount you’ll breath in. Again, this is partly true, you will breathe in more than you usually do, but it’s not enough to hurt you. I’ve also heard the theory that it’s the governments way of muzzling and/or making the public anonymous.

I’ve also read the words “plandemic” and “scamdemic”, not so subtly implying that the government planned the entire thing. I’ve heard different reasons for this, one being that it’s a democratic plan to spite Trump in the upcoming elections, another theory that has stuck with me the most involves the UK government wants to break the will of the public and force them to be dependent on them.

What I’ve written probably does sound farfetched, but information travels fast in the digital age. With all the panic and fear going around, the wrong information could be followed and the spread continues. Parts of South Wales are back in lockdown, as well as, parts of the North of England.

In all honesty, I’ve found the rules quite frustrating, and it’s messed up my treatment plans, but it’s a minor inconvenience at best. Others don’t share the same experiences, I’m already sure that the inevitable incoming lockdowns will be blamed on the “scamdemic”, and not the behaviour of those who just don’t want to follow the rules because of misinformation they’ve read.

I like to consider myself an open minded person, I’ve looked into the material I was linked to by those who replied to the tweet I mentioned earlier, and I don’t believe it.

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here.

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Stay safe and stay hydrated! x

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