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I Played Color Guardians

Developed & Published by Fair Play Labs
Genre: Action Platformer.

Platform played on: PlayStation 4.

This review contains story spoilers.

The game has a simple story that you’d expect from games of this genre. You guide the color guardians through the world of Terra color, once a bright, colourful land, on a quest to restore the world to its natural, vibrant state after the colour was stolen from it by the worlds evil villain, Krogma.

The game is a side scroller. you collect coloured orbs by pressing the button the colour is assigned to. There are sequences where you avoid hazards and dodge obstacles.

At the end of each world you face a boss stage, these stages incorporate what you’ll have learned in the stages leading up to it.

As you progress in the game, the difficulty increases, but it isn’t anything too drastic. You have unlimited tries anyway, so just keep trying if you mess up a stage.

Visuals & Music
The game has a vividly and colourful aesthetic which fits the games overall tone perfectly. It reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons. Bold, colourful and gorgeous to look at. This really emphasises how important the colour is to the games world.

The games music also fits this perfectly, very fitting for the world and atmosphere within it!

Overall, I’d recommend picking this game up. It’s a fun little distraction and younger gamers will enjoy.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here!

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