Mental Health

Your Feelings Are Valid

This is something I’ve needed to hear, as well as take on board as of late.

Things have felt like they are falling apart and I’ve felt trapped in the aftermath.

Paranoia, depression, anxiety, dissociation are what I’ve been feeling mentally. Fatigue, aches and pains in general are what I’ve been feeling physically. I’m starting to think that the physical symptoms are actually manifestations of stress, but I digress.

I felt bad for these things. I felt like I couldn’t talk about it anywhere, or to anyone because I’d sound self centred.

2020 has been a dumpster fire, to say the very least. Life as we all know it has changed so drastically. Everyone has been impacted in one way, or another.

Humans are very emotional creatures. We need sunlight, social interaction and routine to function. Even that isn’t a guarantee. Emotions are very complex and can be triggered by all sorts of things. So its only natural that the events of 2020 would be taxing on you emotionally.

Please, be kind to yourself. Try to not put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are doing well the best you can and that is enough!

If you need to cry, let the tears flow. If you need that nap, snuggle up and sleep. If you’re angry, find a safe, productive way to release those icky feelings.

Times are tough, but so are you.

You’ve survived 100% of your bad days up to this point, tomorrow might not be easy, but you’ve got this.

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