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My Life: Depression; Doubts & Technology

I’ve been having doubts about this blog and writing in general. While I don’t want to give up, it’s becoming way too tempting to just scrap everything.

I’ve found myself becoming too invested in views, likes and comparing myself to other bloggers within the community.

These aren’t the things that you should be fixating on, everyone has the potential to reach their goals, I just need to believe it’s possible for me.

It’s hard to feel motivated when depression is kicking you and your technology is playing up.

I don’t know what’s causing it, but my PlayStation has been acting up lately. It’s crashing and I’ve had to wipe my hard drive, so that was all my screenshots and progress in games I had planned for the blog gone. I have other systems, but I do the majority of my gaming on that system. It’s just stressed me out that something I use that often, as well as use as an escape from the world has played up like this.

Something just feels wrong when it comes to everything I do.

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