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Mental Health: Optimistic Musings

I’ve been struggling a fair bit lately. Stating the obvious here, but I’ve never experienced a pandemic until now, so knowing how to deal with the idea of a deadly virus, as well as said virus brining the whole world to a standstill has impacted me in ways that very few people could handle.

I have really been enjoying self help podcasts lately. The Savvy Psychologist being my favourite right now. I genuinely think it could also help any of my readers who are also struggling. It has helped me understand so much about myself and traumas.

I have also been practicing acceptance, it’s only been a few day’s, it’s been hard, but it’s made me so optimistic for the future. I saw the photo below on Pinterest and it changed my outlook. If you own this photo and don’t want it on this post, let me know!

Acceptance is key

I’ve been using it to work through some niggling, recurring thoughts. My brain has been giving me flashbacks to the time I found out my Nan had cancer, so I’ve just been replying “yes, she did”, to the thoughts. I don’t fight them anymore, I also can’t change what happened to her. She’ll always be my Nan, but my life can’t stop because she passed on.

I still have aspects of myself, as well as, traumas to work through, but I feel more confident about them now. Will this be easy? No, but I know it’ll be okay.

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